Cymbidium Promotional Posters

We have put together a fantastic range of promotional CYMPLY CYMBIDIUMS® posters for use in your shop, wholesale area, office...or you may even like them at home!

Just click on the links below, to download a digital PDF poster which is all ready to either print, or you may like to email it to your favorite print shop in order to get high quality posters worthy of laminating or framing!

The Cymbidium is the perfect flower for the heat of the northern hemisphere summer - while other flowers may wilt and fade, the robust cymbidium will remain a stunning centrepiece for weeks, and with a wide variety of colors, they are the perfect item!

Poster Cym Green Poster Cym Bronze Tiger Poster Cym Red Beauty
Poster Cym Gwynne Poster Mini Cym Elfin Poster Mini Cym King Arthur
Poster Cym Hyzenthly    

Cymbidium Book

We have also put together a small book featuring Cymbidium arrangements, suitable for shop counters, reception areas, coffee tables etc, to showcase this stunning flower.

These are available to order online - just click here or on the image to go to the order page!

Cym booklet-482
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